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Having never actually heard of “organic electropop” I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but very quickly I learnt that this genre of music is based around the instruments and the different sounds each make and how they are merged together.
The North London trio, come from very different backgrounds, Maud Waret is the front lady on vocals and also plays violin, while her band mates Nikolaj Bjerre is the percussionist and Philippe Locke plays keyboards and both guitar and bass.
Beginning with Latitude, the song starts off with a classical taster of violin, but quickly changes with the introduction of bass, while Maud vocals begin to float over the instrument’s sounds. The song creates a modern classical feel with a dreamy feature to it, due to the various instruments the band mates play. Maud’s vocals reminds me of a less dramatic Florence and The Machine tune, with a clear and obvious tropical influence from her background, which is portrayed through her lyrics and music.
The EP then continues on to one of the most honest songs I’ve ever heard, Deep Blue. A hollow piano and haunting beautiful vocal are the main sounds sounds in this song, but it is all it needs. Due to the Maud memorable vocals moves the listener into dreamland. I would recommend this song to anyone looking to relax, this song should be on every spa’s playlist. Stressful day: hot bath, candles and Deep Blue playing in background will have you drifting away for sure.
In the third installment of the EP, is Seule, clearly the most unique sound on the track. The song is sang in French, which gives me the piece of cultural for the day. When translated to English the title of the song is “Alone“, which is so appropriate as this song stands out Alone from all the other tracks especially in terms of diversity. The gloomy piano sounds runs underneath the monotone tune. The song has an upsurge of sound, which with some guitar has get potential for a live show. I highly enjoyed this song, even though my level of french is shockingly bad!!
Finally on to my favourite song of the EP, Limbo. This song is 100% more cheerful, with a surprisingly retro-pop feel to the melody. this is an awesome feel good song, this is a song that should be booming from every bar on a Friday night!! In comparison to their other tracks, Limbo is the song that says MAUD has landed, it is the kickass track to their other literal and nice songs. The strong drum and electronic burst makes the song exciting and fresh, while they still hold their unique style throughout the entire record. this is the only song that will have you up dancing and having a good time!! I love this track..
The final track of the record is Lady Day, a chill-out pop song with a classic element to it. The song has a retro feel to it, while Maud hold on to the electropop genre also. To my surprise  Lady Day is very stripped back, with hardly any music, the effortless acoustic guitar, keeps it extremely simple. Maud is a band that clearly likes to use many different instruments, but I think it was a good choice to keep is stripped back and highlight the vocals and lyrics, this highlights what great songwriters they are.
The Navigation is a great start from MAUD, who embrace every bit of their uniqueness. they have buckets loads of talent, in vocalists, instrumentalists and songwriters.
However their music may not be everyone’s cup of tea, their sheer talent cannot be argued.
I will be keeping my ears glued to airwaves to hear some new material, because when you hear MAUD vocals you can’t help but sit up and take notice. And plus they have some killer tunes.
I rate MAUD, The Navigation 5 out of 6.

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CDD /// MAUD – “Lattitude”
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Nombre: MAUD
País: Londres, UK.
Álbum: The Navigation EP (Independiente, 2013)
Suena como: Kate Bush, Kate Nash, Liz Phair, Joan As Police Woman.
Sonidos: organic electropop, indie pop, dance-rock.
Download: MAUD – Latitude